Young CrossFit stars to bet on

It is a fairly young sport, and most of the participants in the professional federation came from other strength disciplines. Nevertheless, over the past 5 years, many stars have appeared on Olympus of this original and spectacular all-around, striking in their physical capabilities and excellent athletic form.

We have chosen for you among all the bright and promising crossfitters those who have not left the pedestals for several years in a row, striking with their endurance, dedication and incredible sports achievements.

Mikko Salo
Mikko Salo is the face of modern CrossFit. One of the first professionals to show outstanding results. And although at the time of 2017, his indicators are very average, this does not prevent him from participating in games and taking prizes. He can be a possible winning bet.

Katherine-Tanja Davidsdottir
Catherine-Tanya Davidsdottir’s introduction to CrossFit has been the defining factor that has attracted most modern women to this challenging sport. First of all, she did this not due to her phenomenal athletic performance and constant attention at competitions, but due to the fact that she was able to show that a strong woman does not necessarily look scary, and may well have attractive feminine forms. Women also like to bet on her.

Jason Kalipa
Jason Kalipa – A retired firefighter and weightlifter who has been able to show that it is still possible to show impressive results when transitioning between sports. Throughout his career, he participated in games more than 8 times, and almost every time he got into the prize places. His performance is very modest in terms of speed, but he is rightfully considered one of the strongest.

Camille LeBlanc Bazinet
Camille LeBlanc Bazinet made her CrossFit debut back in 2009. Since then, she has lost only one competition – in 2014, Camilla emerged victorious in all other competitions. She is rightfully considered the thinnest and most beautiful female athlete in this sport all-around world. But, most importantly, over the years she has not lost her physical shape and is ready to show herself in all her glory at the upcoming Dubai competitions with incredible new records. An incredible result worth betting on.

Mat Fraser
Mat Fraser, a former weightlifter and powerlifter, was forced to say goodbye to his bodybuilding career due to knee injuries. But he did not give up and after the operation he entered the world of CrossFit, where he rightfully earned the fame of “the strongest of the strongest”. At the same time, the rest of its characteristics are at their best. This Canadian American simply “killed” his competitors in 2016 with his athletic performance in CrossFit. You should keep a close eye on him if you want to bet.

Rich Froning
And of course we shouldn’t forget about Rich Fronning. This is undoubtedly an outstanding sportsman who attracts attention with his appearance as much as his athletic achievements. Four-time winner of games, owner of the largest shoulders. At the same time, he has the highest weight / strength / speed, due to which in recent years he is considered the main sportsman in the crossfit industry. He lost only one competition in 2016 to Mat Fraser, but at the same time, in all preparatory stages and in other programs, he invariably turned out to be the best athlete of the decade.

Why should you bet on these athletes?

These athletes have recently entered CrossFit, where at one time there were not even clear rules for assessing. At the same time, each of them shows by his own example that after a year or two of training, impressive results can be achieved, catching up with the first line athletes. And most importantly, when working all-around, you do not need outstanding genetics, as in bodybuilding, you do not need to use steroids and growth hormones. It is enough to eat right and attend workouts regularly.
Already this year, dozens of young athletes who began their classes in the near 2014th year apply for the coveted crossfit Olympus. More new participants – more possibilities of betting.