What are CrossFit Games?

This is the main world test to determine the most prepared person on the planet. They are known as the toughest test of human ability and a breathtaking sight for fans.Since the creation of the Crossfit Games, and this happened back in 2007, it has been considered “one of the fastest in gaining popularity in America,” according to news.
Participants will find out about a program of the competitions in which they will have to compete a couple of hours before the competition. Of course, these exercises change every season. The organizers do not skimp on surprises: the contestants of the previous CrossFit Games “got” heats in water and throwing softball – tests that are completely unusual for a program.
But the tournaments themselves are held in three stages: Opens, Regionals and the final – Reebok CrossFit Games. However, the most popular in terms of betting is the last one.

The Road to Crossfit Games

The Crossfit tournament season is divided into 3 phases. First one is The Open, which takes place all over the world in early spring for 5 weeks, online. Every Thursday on the official website the task of the week is laid out and the athletes have until Monday to publish their result. Anyone over the age of 14 can take part in first stage of the tournament. Open 2015 started on February 26 and ended at the end of March this year. The best contestants of the Crossfit Open from 17 regions go to the second stage – Regional competitions. You can also bet on all stages of this event.

Qualifying rounds

Opens and Regionals can be compared to qualifying rounds before a serious competition, because only the best of the best get to the Games! Opens is conducted in an online format.
Registration on the official website of the competition begins in mid-January, and anyone can test their strengths and apply to participate in the regional games. In previous years, more than 250 thousand athletes from all over the world submitted applications! Just think about these numbers: a huge number of people every year strive to get to this prestigious competition. This is not surprising, because in addition to the title of “The Most Trained Person in the World”, you can get a prize amount of 250 thousand dollars. But back to Opens.


The second is the Regional Tour, or Regionals, which runs from May 19th to June 5th on weekends. There are 17 regions in total, 12 of which are in North America, as well as Asia, South America, Europe and Australia. The closest thing to us is, of course, the European Region, and the Regionals in it will start on May 16 in Copenhagen.

Main Event – Reebok CrossFit Games

Only the most enduring and strongest enter the competition. Top ten men and female at the end of this competition are simply beyond fantasy. If it is your sport, then don’t miss your chance to become one of the CrossFit tournament participants this year, and possibly remove from the podium Rich Froning, who received the title of Most Trained Person in the World three times in a row. The most awaited event among those who bet.

What to look for before placing a bet?

Unfortunately, this sport does not allow you to often watch how the leaders of the tournament tables compete or train. But do not despair, if you make enough effort, you can find the necessary information on the Internet and make a good analysis for the winning bet.
You need to understand that these competitions are the main event of the year in this sport. Therefore, a large number of bookmakers will offer services and services to place bets on the winner of the competition. You should not rush, you need to study the market of bets in advance and choose the office that offers the most winning bets.