Saturday, October 3

CF&P In teams of 3, perform AMRAP in 20 minutes, advancing to the next movement only once the team member in front of you has moved on (congo-line style): 1) Bear Crawl with Dumbbells Broad Jump (length of the cage, each way) 2) 25 Frog Sit-ups 3) 30 Double-unders Post … Continue reading

Friday, October 2

CrossFit Strength: Four sets of: Step-ups x8-10 (each leg) ~rest :45~ Chin-ups x 8-10 ~rest :45~ Conditioning: With a partner, complete 3 rounds each: 5 Hang Power Clean 7 Shoulder to Overhead 9 Burpees 12 Row Calories *Switch w/ partner (rest) Performance Before starting strength… Handstand Practice – Accumulate: 2:00 … Continue reading

Wednesday, September 30

CrossFit Strength: A1) 5x(3+3+3) Pause Deadlifts* *ground to 4”(shin)+ Ground to Knees+ Full DL A2) Seated DB Press 5×8-10 ~rest/increase # as needed between sets~ Conditioning: 4 rounds 10 KB Swings 100m Suitcase carry (50R/50L; same KB) 50 Double-unders Performance Strength: A1) Rope Climb Ascents 6 x 1 -Rest as … Continue reading