Friday, February 5

CrossFit Warm-up: 3 sets: Jump Rope 1:00 Bulgarian Split Squats x8-10 reps, each leg) Ring Rows x8-10 reps Grasshoppers x8-10 reps, each leg Walking Sampson Lunge x8-10 reps, each leg WOD: 21-15-9 rep rounds for time of: Wallball Shots Burpees Performance A) Warm Up Row! Row 2000 Meters @ 70% … Continue reading

Thursday, February 4

CrossFit Today’s WOD: AMRAP in 5 minutes 15 Sit-ups (Frog) 15 Air Squats ~Rest 5 minutes~ AMRAP in 5 minutes 150m Row 10 Lateral hops (rower) ~Rest 5 minutes~ AMRAP in 5 minutes 100m Run 10 Push-ups Performance A) 5 Minutes of Double Under Practice B) 5 Minutes of Handstand … Continue reading

Wednesday, February 3

CrossFit Strength: Snatch Grip Deadlift 5×1.1.1 Conditioning: In teams of two, partners alternate rounds to complete three each of: 30 Kettlebell Swings 400 Meter Run Performance A) Warm Up: 5 Sets 5 Chin Ups @32X1 100 Meter Farmer Carry (35/25) 200 Meter Jog 10 Barbell Upright Rows :30 Hollow Hold … Continue reading

Monday, February 1

CrossFit Strength: A1) Front Squat 5×3 Rest :30-:45 A2) DB Bent-over Row 5×8-10 Rest :30-:45 Conditioning: Four rounds for time of: 5 Thrusters 10 Pull-Ups 200 Meter Run Performance A) Barbell Warm Up Complete 5 Reps of Each and 5 Sets Total: Back Squat, Strict Press, Push Press, Front Squat … Continue reading

Saturday, Jan 30

CrossFit Complete AMRAP in 14 minutes: 50m Run 5 Push-ups 100m Run 7 Push-ups 150m Run 9 Push-ups 200m Run 11 Push-ups Etc…. Open Prep AMRAP in 14 Minutes: 5 Calorie Row 5 Handstand Push Ups 7 Calorie Row 7 Handstand Push Ups 9 Calorie Row 9 Handstand Push Ups … Continue reading

Friday, Jan 29

CrossFit Strength: 5 Sets of: A1) RDL x5 @3121 A2) Muscle Clean (from Hang position) x5 Rest 1-2 min between sets Conditioning: Four sets for max calories/reps of: 60 seconds of Rowing 30 seconds of Rest 30 seconds of Pull-ups Rest 2 minutes Performance A) “Rowling” w/ a group of … Continue reading

Thursday, Jan 28

**Here it is! The 2016 Intramural Open information for this year’s CF Open** CrossFit Strength: Clean 3-3-2-2-2 Conditioning: 15-12-9-6-3 rep* rounds (Not for time): KB Swings* Sprint 100m Walk back for recovery Performance A) 10 Minutes Foam Roll B) Couch Stretch 3 x 1:00 on each leg C) Foam Roll … Continue reading