Tuesday, June 23

CrossFit Strength: Three sets of: Bulg. Goatbag Swing x 12 Rest 45 seconds Russian Kettlebell Swings x 15 Rest 45 seconds Bottom’s Up Kettlebell Walk x 50m/ arm Rest 45 seconds Conditioning: Five sets for max reps: 45 seconds of Rowing (for calories) Rest 15 seconds 45 seconds of DB … Continue reading

Monday, June 22

CrossFit In 4 min. complete as many reps as possible of: Double-unders (no scaling-find what you can do in the allotted time) ~rest 2 minutes~ In 4 min. complete as many rounds as possible of: 20 Overhead Walking Lunge 10 Knees-to-elbows ~rest 2 minutes~ In 4 min. complete as many … Continue reading

Saturday, June 20: Game Day!

Today’s Schedule: 9-10am: WOD 1 round: 500m Row 20 Bodyweight Back Squats 10 Pull-ups ~rest 5:00~ 2 rounds (with a partner) “Tailpipe” P1- 500m Row P2- Front Rack Hold (95/65) -no rest; bar does not touch ground- 10-11am: CrossFit Dodgeball 11:30am: Lunch at Marilyn’s Place! Hope to see you all … Continue reading

Friday, June 19

Reminder: Saturday is Game Day! We will play CrossFit-Dodgeball, Hooverball, and maybe a few others. (Don’t worry…it’s not going to be a light day, so come have some fun and get in a good workout!) Afterwards, we are all meeting up at Marilyn’s Place for lunch. CrossFit Strength: Spend 20 … Continue reading