Where should I start?

As with most things in life, we believe that the best place to start in fitness (and CrossFit) is at the beginning.  Babies don’t learn to walk without first learning to crawl.  That is why we offer our On-Ramp program which teaches the fundamental CrossFit movements without load or high intensity.

One of the cornerstone principles of CrossFit that we took away from our CrossFit Certifications was virtuosity.  Virtuosity, as it relates to Crossfit and fitness, is great technical skill in human movement – doing the common uncommonly well.  As such, we believe that it is important to develop quality movement before you worry about weight, speed, volume or intensity.

Hold it...Hold it...

To sum it up, you should start by learning the fundamentals and focusing on becoming great at those movements.   You will also get stronger, faster and leaner in the process.

It’s also important to remember that health and fitness is not a short term journey.  Fitness is a lifelong pursuit! The foundational movements of CrossFit are actually pretty simple, so become great at the fundamentals and focus on movement proficiency before you worry about how much weight you’re lifting or how fast you’re going.

To keep it simple, always remember this:



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